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Shenzhen, October 06 of 2009

The Chinese National Celebration and Mooncake festival was from the last week of September until yesterday of this month, that delayed a bit our currently development. The TX-999 got to Shenzhen in the last day prior the vacation time, and soon you will see the video of Charlie Xun talking about it, unfortunately the first prototypes did not reach the goal of being in capabilities and price between the T-870A and T-862++, they were over the budget, so, a little bit of modifications are needed in size and components to make it more affordable and in the middle of those machines to assure the best functions promised and the right price. 

Shenzhen, October 23 of 2009  

These two videos give you a preview of what the TX-999 is about and what is coming next. To see the full size video on break.com just double click it. To see the small size here just click PLAY

Shenzhen, October 26 of 2009

This is how you can measure your technique and improve it before you damage chips working it. This test with bread will see how you are handling the edges, the size and intensity of the area for your infrared, and based on it you can calibrate, heights and temps until you reach what you desire. We have develop a stand alone IR station that can help you on the edges of the chips, so you can use less heat from up and below and the chips will pop up faster and will provoke less damages. So get help by your old HoT Air stations or a Stand Alone T-835 would help you in this task. 


Remember to use Insulation Aluminum tape on your condensers and controlling components on top of your chip.


And you will have great results.


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